Hello World

My name is Juan Eduardo De Hoyos A.K.A Juan John. I am a professional guitarist and entertainer touring this country (United States ) and other parts of the world in search of meaning in music, friendship, and unusually crazy experiences that seem to find their way into my humble existence on just about a daily basis. I seriously can't make any of this stuff up. So thus I have begun documenting all these things hopefully bringing value at some capacity through sharing all of it.

I was playing for a dear friend's wedding (Andy and Josh) this passed year. I stayed with my friends Allen and Jill on their amazing property in Custer SD. In the two weeks I was there I met people from all walks of life... From F17 pilots to one of the largest Native American musical acts in the country. Each one of the people I spoke to had their own amazing story of how they got there. 

I was needing new tires really bad so said a prayer, and a day later it was answered. I was asked to perform at the chruch with only a weeks notice, the place was packed, and the congregation was amazingly generous. I made enough for tires and some!

I slept in the van I built on a gorgeous property where I had vivd dreams every night that seem to heal a lot of things I was dealing with at the time, and even got to experience the northern lights! I seriously thought I was being abducted by aliens... Turns out it was the northern lights. And one of the most beautiful acts of nature I have ever seen. 

See you all real soon! 



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