From Ohio to Florida 

After Dropping off one of my best friends The Danimal at his home in Hamilton Oh I continued on back down towards Florida. I made a stop in Nashville for a couple days to catch up with my good friends, squeezed in an infamous fat kid party, and spent time with Ande and Josh who where in town visiting from Georgia. Not a ton of Photos going on in that little stint of time. 

      I then headed down to Florida for a run of shows and I was pleasantly surprised while in Florida to finished my new CD "Th Hot Wheel Hacienda". It was freezing ass cold up north so as soon as I got to Florida I went straight to one of my favorite beaches in Naples. 


I Spent a good three hours swimming in that ocean that day, and got an epic sunburn that made it very difficult to sleep. But I didn't care!! I was in the sun!! Seriously though... its like I shut down in freezing weather. I thrive in heat! Then Shortly after arriving I was Called to do a live interview in Sparta WI, where yes... you guessed it... it was freezing ass cold. However, it was an awesome trip! I got the chance to see my McPherson Guitars family and play their increasable guitars! Larry, whom I call El Presidente ... and I did an event for Wisconsin where I got a chance to meet the governor, Scott Walker. Cool cat, and doing great things for the people of his state. Well like 3 seconds before we went live El Presidente jumped in and snapped a selfie ...

It was way unexpected so it became very difficult to NOT to laugh during the interview... And I also made the papers while performing for the interview! 


The guitar Im holding in that picture is one of Matt McPherson's personal guitars, and it was freaking SWEET!! Needless to say I played the ever lovin Gugcamoles out of that guitar and enjoyed every minute of it! The entire guitar is built of a heavily figured walnut with Koa binding and had an amazing sound with an emphasis on the mid range frequency. Its a unique build, because there aren't many guitars made entirely of walnut. The next morning Larry and I went to my favorite breakfast joint out there called Doreens and spent some time hanging around Sparta. Then I got a chance to meet Matt's brother Steve McPherson. Super cool guy and his son is extremely interested in guitar. When I get back out there Im going to sit down with him and show him a trick or two. 

         I returned to Florida on a Friday morning and then that night I played a show at an awesome place called Freedom Fine Cigars. I have made some life long friends performing at that venue which you will be hearing about in future posts. Anyhow I got a ton of work done while in Florida including rebuilding the hot wheels. It needs to be done! 300,000 miles later! 


This is what it looked like completely taken apart


We gutted that thing and did all the gaskets and Lord knows what else. It runs like a stud and I'm sure after all that work will continue to! I also added n solar panel and solar generator which will allow me to be entirely off grid at all times! no more relying on Starbucks charging stations! :D We also spruced the place up a bit with a new counter top! 


The entire top cost like 40.00. Super cheap and serves multiple purposes. I am super grateful for The love and support I have received while out here in Florida. If it wasn't for you guys none of this would be possible!! 


      The big news though is my CD is FINISHED!!! Thanks to my good friend and Latin Grammy nominated producer "Gualo"

Eduardo Jaramillo! He did an incredible job on the recording and mixing. I am proud to share this project with the world! And his mom made the most incredible arepas EVER!! what a joy it was to spend time with him and do this project. Thank you my friend! if you don't know what an arepa is ... its a sandwich thing made with a very specific corn meal and you put just about anything in-between. 

Freaking delicious!! I destroyed like four. I would have kept going, but, but like I told Gualo... I can't be in a food coma just before we record! 


      After all that insanity I was paid a visit by my Swedish brother from another mother Andreas Z. Erickson! Truly the sweetest soul on the planet and the greater guitar player I have ever had the pleasure of playing with! Andreas is the lead guitarist and songwriter for a very well known English band Called Inglorious. Look em up! 

Andrea is on the left and his friend and my new broski Karl-Ola. H very talented Swedish songwriter and producer who will be doing lots of work in Nashville here in the near future. We discussed and made plans for my upcoming European tour and I will be working closely with both of these guys while out in Sweden! 

Lots more insanity on the way! Stay tuned and Thank you all for your love and support!! I can't wait to share more! 


Anehiem and the Road to Ohio  

After spending an amazing few weeks in central California it was time to head down to one of my favorite events of the year. The NAMM Show at the Anaheim Convention Center. For the passed few years I have had the honor and privilege of going as an artist and spokesperson for the amazing McPherson Guitars

During these shows I have had some amazing opportunities to perform with and befriend some of my biggest musical influences! This year a couple highlights where being able to play guitar with Bruce Carol, Dave Cleavland, Dave Baker, and Bernie Williams. Four Giants in the music buisnbus. 

It was the learning experience of a lifetime! I sat back, opened my ears, and let the teachers teach! There is no where else in the world where you can get this type of connection and education from The Best of the Best! I don't know how I ended up in this position, but I'm going to learn as much as I possibly can during these events. Here is a snap shot of Bernie Dave and I ...

Bernie Dave and I have become good friends and I am truly grateful for their friendship and the knowledge these guys have shared with me. It was just a few years ago that I had signed the artist endorsement with McPherson guitars. And if it wasn't for Larry and Lori klenc giving me a chance I don't what I'd be doing right now. I remember being dead broke the year I signed with McPherson guitars. I couldn't even afford to get my acoustic out of the shop while it was being fixed. I was there without a guitar and without direction. And it seem like out of nowhere things changed that week. Here is Larry, Lori, and I on the day I was signed on...


I love these people like family! They are kind hearted, genuine, and some of the hardest working people I know. How I got to the NAMM Show that week is a whole nother story I'll get to in a later blog. But They gave me a chance, and sometimes that's all it takes. Like Bruce Springsteen once said. "You can't start a fire without a spark" They gave me that spark that has started a fire that's been burning bright ever since. Of course it's still hard there are plenty of challenges in this business, however I will forever be grateful to them for their friendship and the opportunities they have given me. 

      There where plenty more Shenanigans with my McPherson family that week! Here's one of my favorite pictures of all of us at dinner during Lori's birthday! 


Dave Baker far left, Dave Cleavland next to him, the birthday girl herself Lori, then Larry, Suzi Oravec, myself, and then my dear friend Daniel Moorehead. Who will be making an appearance here in my next blog. As he was traveling with me for all this insanity, and later we headed out together on an awesome roadtrip back to Ohio. 

Here he is now embarking on his new modeling career! Sorry Dan! Couldn't help myself LOL!

California Central Coast  

The California Central Coast was amazing. I had forgotten how beautiful and eclectic California is. Which can also be said about the people that live there in. Speaking of which the first person I met upon arriving to the Central Coast was a gentleman by the name of Banjer Dan. He booked me at a place called Last Stage West. Ol Dan is a great banjo player that has an appreciation for fine musicianship. Especially Earl Scruggs and Bela Fleck. He's an interesting character. He literally looks as if he stepped out of a silent film from the old days. He also had an impeccable memory! It was amazing to me! I got to hear  some insane stories in fine detail about him touring in a well known punk band as a banjo playing hippie. It was contrary to everything that punk stood for wich made it totally cool in their eyes, and not to mention you can't help but love the guy! He has a huge personality and an even bigger heart. He was more punk thank punk. I met Tom the owner who struck me as highly intelligent. Definitely a hippie, and I mean that kindly! He dabbled with multiple instruments and cooked up some mean BBQ for his venue. Tom (left) Dan (center) and a gentleman on his first tour at 60 yrs old. (Right) 


      I had no idea where I was going to stay while I was out there. Tom and Dan had offered me to camp on the property. And the land was gorgeous! I asked how long I could stay and Tom looked at me and said "stay as long as you want man...  just be cool. We don't want no trouble!" And with that I knew I was going to be alright. Dan and I had coffee every morning in the van. I ground fresh beans and pressed a great cup as I do every morning. I also put together peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Every morning we had great conversations about music, politics, and everything in between. Dan loves to play poker. And on my last morning there Dan said "I won big last night! I'm taking you to breakfast!" And that he did! We went to a place called Thomas Hill Organics and ate amazing crab cake sandwiches. 

      While performing through central California I also happened to make the papers a few times. 

They wrote kind words in all the papers. 

      The second venue was amazing! It was a place called The Madonna Inn.  I was given a beautiful hotel room with an amazing view. The room was called the Cloud 9 Suite. 

The room was increadible! I showered like 3 times, because when you live in a van those types of luxuries are hard to come by. The room also had heated toilet seats!!  I sat there so long my leggs went numb! The stage was pretty sweet as well. The week before I played... There was a well known female country artist from Nashville there. She played the same series. CAM Country is her name. It was cool hearing a familiar name. 


The room sounded amazing! And there where a couple friends from the L.R. Baggs family that came to watch that night.  When I got ready to head out the next morning I had problems with the van. It quit on me... twice. I found some great mechanics in the area that took care of business for me. APS Auto. I was being told that it was a major job by everyone else. But these guys took a look at the van put it on their machine to diagnose it and it turned out to be faulty spark plugs. Thank God! Van is running like a stud!

      The next show was in Pismo Beach. It was a classy joint called The Seaventure hotel and resort. I played 3 hours straight with the exception of one break. The sunset break. People come from all over the world to watch the sunset from that place. And the food... Well... 


I couldn't pronounce the name of this dish, but it blew my mind! Lobster tail, scallops, and shrimp!! What!? Anyhow, it was a great meal that I didn't expect. 


      The final venue I performed at was a place called the Folktale winery. A beautiful place with a wonderful clientele. I especially enjoyed playing for three ladies in the front row. Candy, Christy, and Cricket. All the ladies where wonderfully animated and made me smile the entire time. While playing, a woman in the back of the room began dancing with her giant poodle. I can honestly say that the first time I've ever seen that. I wish I had a picture, but my hands where full at the time. If you know what I mean! 

      I've had such a great time in central California! I'm looking forward to returning sooner than later. I couldn't thank Everyone enough for the kindness and generosity. I'm glad to have made friends in this area. Especially friends like Banjer Dan, Tom, Amber, Tanner, and Toby. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! 


Hello World 

My name is Juan Eduardo De Hoyos A.K.A Juan John. I am a professional guitarist and entertainer touring this country (United States ) and other parts of the world in search of meaning in music, friendship, and unusually crazy experiences that seem to find their way into my humble existence on just about a daily basis. I seriously can't make any of this stuff up. So thus I have begun documenting all these things hopefully bringing value at some capacity through sharing all of it.

I was playing for a dear friend's wedding (Andy and Josh) this passed year. I stayed with my friends Allen and Jill on their amazing property in Custer SD. In the two weeks I was there I met people from all walks of life... From F17 pilots to one of the largest Native American musical acts in the country. Each one of the people I spoke to had their own amazing story of how they got there. 

I was needing new tires really bad so said a prayer, and a day later it was answered. I was asked to perform at the chruch with only a weeks notice, the place was packed, and the congregation was amazingly generous. I made enough for tires and some!

I slept in the van I built on a gorgeous property where I had vivd dreams every night that seem to heal a lot of things I was dealing with at the time, and even got to experience the northern lights! I seriously thought I was being abducted by aliens... Turns out it was the northern lights. And one of the most beautiful acts of nature I have ever seen. 

See you all real soon!